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Sunset in Hamburg


Since 2017, the Reepbana GmbH exports their own “Made in Germany” beer brands around the globe. Key markets are Asia, Eastern Europe and South America with a constantly growing network of distribution partners.


Reepbana offers innovative beer brands for international markets. Our beers meet the highest German quality standard combined with creative design. Reepbana’s focus lies on identifying new trends, growing niche products and on developing a different marketing approach in order to reach modern consumers  - who care about taste as much as about design and storytelling.


The Reepbana portfolio includes crafty beer styles like Golden Ale, IPA and Baltic Porter as well as classic German Weissbier, Pils and Export Lager. A beer for every taste with competitive pricing. The packaging and design of our products is eye-catching – from the playful, maritime retro look of our brand REEPER B. to the puristic cans of our brand STANGEN. The story of REEPER B. and STANGEN is told on social media with a growing community of customers in different parts of the world. Beer needs a story  - do you want to know more about our story?

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Our team and founder have worked for a long time in the beer export business before starting Reepbana GmbH. We are based in Hamburg where our offices are located in the harbour district St. Pauli with its famous entertainment mile, the Reeperbahn.


November 2022

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