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Hello Jou! I am the Qool Jerman. 

Your new taste experience, a brand new beverage range from Germany that combines German craftmanship and excellent taste:


100% refreshment

100% taste

100% Qool

100% Jerman

...0% alcohol


Individual  & Qool,  just like Jou.


The Qick for Jou!

QJ Mate Kola is made with natural caffeine from the Mate leaf.

Home of Mate is South America where its benefits have been known for hundreds of years. The natural, active ingredients of the Mate leaf gives you the extra kick for YOUR lifestyle!

QJ Mate Kola combines the exciting & refreshing taste of cola with stimulating Mate. What are you waiting for?

Professional Gamer
qj kola wild vs cool.png

QJ  Kola Mate ZERO

With natural mate, high in caffeine but with no added sugar & zero calories.

0,33l can

QJ  Kola Mate Classic

With natural mate,

high in caffeine.

0,33l can

Jungle Mountain View


What is it about ?

Mate is a traditional South American tea. The mate tea is made out of chopped dry leaves of the yerba mate which are known for their positive benefits. Mate is rich in caffeine and used as a stimulant - first by indigenous people in South America but by now word has spread around the world. You can not only enjoy mate tea but also soft-drinks like our Mate Kola which uses the stimulating mate extract for a new taste experience and as an alternative to coffee and energy drinks!


0,33l glass bottle

Mate Kola Classic & Zero 330 ml bottle.png

Qoming Soon



QJ  Lemon & Mango fizz - naturally cloudy, sparkling malt lemonade with fruity flavours


0,33l can

Alcohol: 0.00%


Qool Jerman is available for Germany as well as global markets as an import or license product in order to offer new growth opportunities for the soft drink category.

If you are an importer, please contact us to find out more!

Fresh Mangos


A dark malt beverage

0,33l bottle

Alcohol: 0.00%

QJ Malta.png

QOOL JERMAN convinces consumers with:
-cutting edge design
-innovative products & flavours
-German quality
-an easily recognisable logo and packaging

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