Innovative Brands "Made in Germany"


St Pauli   Hamburg   Germany

Reepbana GmbH launches innovative new beer and soft drink brands "Made in Germany" for export around the world.  We closely monitor international drinks market in order to look for new trends.


Home of Reepbana is Hamburg. The vibrating city gives us the inspiration to create special new brands that last in your memory.


Our Beer brands available for export

In 2017, we launched our brand Stangen. A simple design with a strong message: Brewed according to the German Purity Law. Back to nature! Good quality made in Germany! No unnecessary flavours or "humbug". 


Stangen is the German word for a deer's antlers. So no surprise that we chose the deer, the king of the forest, for our logo. 



The Stangen Range




Hamburg - the pearl of the North of Germany. Home of the legendary party district St. Pauli, a unique center of culture and entertainment. Whether a visitor or a local everybody is fascinated by the vibrant contrasts Hamburg has to offer. All beers in the range have a unique crafty character - just like the Reeper B. girls who represent one beer type each. 


Reeper B. - in Love with German Beer!


 The Reeper B. Range

Qool Jerman is a alcohol-free Softdrink range that combines German craftmanship with excellent taste and cheeky story.

Come in and find out: Qool Jerman Range

KIEZianer tells the story of Hamburg‘s famous harbour district. The harbour district goes by the name "Kiez", it is the pulse of Hamburg, a place where deals are struck and money changes hands. The Kiez is the home of the mighty guys of the city, the big-shots and the godfathers.

All of them go by the name Kiezianer.


The KIEZianer range will be launched shortly. Stay tuned for more information...