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Innovative Beer and Softdrink Brands

Made in Germany

Kaltes Gebräu

About Reepbana

Reepbana offers innovative new beer and soft drink brands "Made in Germany" for international markets with a unique marketing & design concept. 

We closely monitor international drinks markets in order to detect new trends and develop our portfolio.

Our beers are brewed in Germany with the world-famous German know-how and craftmanship.

Our Beers

"Made in Germany" and available for export around the globe

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In 2017, we launched our Craft Style German beer brand Stangen. A simple design with maximum effect

and a strong message:


Brewed according to the German Purity Law

​Premium quality made in Germany

​No unnecessary flavours, no nonsense


Take a Walk on the Wild Side ....


...and visit the Stangen Website:


A German craft beer range

available for export around the world!

Behind the brand you find a unique story closely connected to the playfulness of harbour life which has influenced the maritime Reeper B. design.


Here comes the fun!


Visit the Reeper B. Website:


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Our Softdrinks

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QJ is an alcohol-free Softdrink range that combines German craftmanship

with excellent taste and a cheeky story.




For more information klick here

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